Saturday, March 26, 2005


Everyone has to deal with what they create. I have always been a big believer in karma, and now you are just starting to see the political karma start to become evident. So many of us do not ever want the government to have any say in our personal lives. What about the pursuit of happiness & of course freedom?

Freedom also means the freedom to enter into a marriage knowing that your spouse will take care of you and make the best decision they know how about even yes, your death if they have to. There are things I would only share with my husband that I would never share with my "relatives" even parents....may times especially parents. You do not own your children.

There is a reason when you marry you become a family and your birth family becomes "relatives". A husband and wife are the family and of course their children if they have them. This is just another example of why gays should be allowed to marry, to let them have the same protections under the law that straight couples have when making medical decisions and of course financial and all of the other decisions we take for granted as married couples. But, I digress....this is supposed to be about political karma.

Seems that playing to an ultra religious base may not be the best thing in the world. You see, even many of my Republican religious friends are appalled at what the congress and President did in getting involved in what should of been left private and in the courts. We have a separation of powers for a reason and thank heavens for our judges, the conservative and liberal ones who understand the constitution. Many of my Republican friends are seriously questioning their positions now, saying that they don't want to have someone speak for them in the most personal of decisions. Well, then don't try to do that to the rest of us in other matters. I believe in the separation of church and state for many reasons, not the least of being what you have seen in this terrible, appalling and disgusting abuse of power this past week.

The political fallout from this past week will be long lasting, as it should. Do we really want anyone telling us how we have to live, do we want to be run as a theocracy as the religious right is attempting to do? When we forget the following we head down that slippery slope into complete chaos:

Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

Freedom means everyone's freedom.

Freedom of religion means freedom from religion.

Know thy place politicians.


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