Sunday, January 02, 2005


The tragedy of the tsunami has at the very least shown the immeasurable compassion of human beings in this world. For if you look at the number of people, individuals and companies helping those suffering your heart is filled with a deep respect for the goodness in most people. We should all insist that our governments do as much as they can for they represent us and don't forget what they do when you go to vote in a few years.

We all have so much to give. In the end will anyone care what it was that you acquired? Or will it be what you gave of yourself, your time, your resources and ultimately of your heart? This disaster shows us all how vulnerable we are to the whims of mother nature. We must respect her as well as each other if we are all to survive, live and thrive.

Treasure each moment for none of us know when it might be our last.


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