Saturday, January 08, 2005


As I write this it amazes me how insensitive some "men of God" supposedly are. I am outraged at people who think God is punishing people. Really? So, your version of God is a vengeful hateful deity that kills children for sport and to get our attention? Really? Then to your God I say no thank you.

Did anyone ever think that so many of these beautiful and innocent souls knew before they chose this life that they were doing something in their life that would bring so much of a chance to others to learn that we are all part of one family? That we are all connected in this universe that has been created larger than any of us can envision? I honestly believe that we know before we enter or are born here on earth what lessons we are learning or providing for others. Some of those people were truly already angels here on this earth.

Maybe it is just easier to find blame than to find the greater lesson in this tragedy. Maybe it is harder to believe that the Earth is a living planet that we are inhabiting hurling through space and time and sometimes it is very violent.

A lesson to be learned, to love each other, accept each other and take care of each other for what we are. To abandon judgment of color, race, creed, orientation, and any other ridiculous prejudice we have just to make ourselves feel superior to another.

To face the uncertainty of life is harder than to find blame. This is an opportunity for us all to grow and learn, but will we?


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